TWD S8:Ep6 ‘The King, the widow and Rick’

Sam & Alphie break down the latest episode.


  • Patrick Landry says:

    You play that music dammit! Just because the ep was shit, don’t handicap your show. Very strong season with a few nit picks. It’s leaps and bounds above season 7. Hang in there and if I’m the only fool commenting next week, play the music and call me Patrick Laundry, like dirty Laundry…dealt with that for decades.

    • Sam Jones says:

      Hey Patrick, the music is back this week and will not be missing again – thank you so much for getting in touch and sorry this comment was missed until now. We get about 20 spam messages a day so we are so used to scrolling past pills to make things bigger or how we can earn millions from home ha ha. The season is okay, you are right, it is not as dark as 7 so that is nicer to watch. You are right, some odd things that we nit pick but it is coming from a place of love. Except got Gimple, im not a fan ha ha -Sam

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