WandaVision Ep3

January 27, 2021 0

Welcome to our show discussing episode three of WandaVision the Marvel Studio’s Disney+ live action original.  This week the episode is in COLOUR … not […]

WandaVision Ep1 & 2

January 20, 2021 0

Welcome to our first show talking about the Disney+ original MCU live action series; WandaVision.  This show is based around two of the main characters […]

The Christmas Special 2020

December 24, 2020 0

Welcome to our 2020 Christmas Special where we discuss EVERY show we love here on our podcast and what comes next for each; like return […]

The Mandalorian S2 Ep8

December 20, 2020 0

Welcome to our final “Mando Monday” of 2020 as we discuss the smash hit Star Wars live actions series; The Mandalorian. It is the season […]

The Mandalorian S2 Ep7

December 14, 2020 0

It’s the penultimate “Mando Monday” of season two here on our podcast and once again its a good one with some scenes and character development […]