Meet The Hosts


Name: Sam

Age: 40

Pronouns: He/Him/Hey you numpty

Where from? South West, England

Interests: Star Wars, Marvel MCU, The Witcher, The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Wednesday, Game of thrones, Lord of the Rings & probably more…

Dislikes: Over used flashbacks in shows & the fact Stephan’s voice was used in an Amazon documentary and not mine despite it being my show and he was barely on it. Not bitter…

Catchphrase(s): “..and the title of the episode was…”

Brief history: Sam has been podcasting since 2016 when he started the Stuff & Thangs Podcast to discuss The Walking Dead and its new spin off show Fear the Walking Dead. From there Sam also regularly appears on sports podcasts discussing football (soccer) and has appeared on several lifestyle shows over the years as a guest.


Name: Stephan or Steph or Essex Boy

Age: Older than my teeth but younger than my tongue (32).

Pronouns: He / Him

Where from? Essex

Interests: Marvel, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, Ted Lasso, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and Bluey. (Pretty sure I have missed loads!

Dislikes: Flashbacks, difficult to pronounce episode titles & jump scares.

Fun Facts: I used to be a radio presenter for Safe Radio and Vectis Radio, I’ve appeared on Radio 1, The Only Way is Essex and Worlds Strictest Parents.

Catchphrase: “erm I forgot to write it down”

Brief history: Was introduced to the podcast world by Sam and Alphie covering Fear The Walking Dead, before joining full time and from there going from TWD to MCU and many more shows. Also helped to present a sports podcast which lead to my voice being used in a Amazon documentary.


Name: Kayleigh/Kayles/K

Age: It’s rude to ask a lady that…30 something

Pronouns: She/her

Interests: Anything Marvel (Captain Marvel, Thor & Deadpool are my faves – and any scene with Wongers!).

Any and all true crime documentaries (I could probably get away with murder now, yes that is a threat Sam). The Witcher – for obvious reasons… the storyline duh – not naked HC (get your mind out of the gutter). Anything a bit weird with dark humor or with a bit of history thrown in.

Dislikes: Zombie anything (not including TLOU!)

Fun fact: I have never watched anything Star Wars the whole way through (please don’t come for me!).

Catchphrase: “(insert something/someone here) gives me the ‘ick'”

Brief history: Kayleigh is relatively new to podcasting having bribed into joining Sam for a one-off appearance in 2022. From there, she became a regular on Marvel Mondays, covering Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and other Marvel shows and movies. Kayleigh also joined the boys to talk about Wednesday and most recently was forced to be traumatised every week watching The Last of Us… she still has not forgiven Stephan for that one!


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