TWD S11 Ep22

Welcome back to ‘Walking Dead Wednesday’ once again on our podcast where we are discussing episode 22 of The Walking Dead’s 11th and final season.

On this weeks episode we discuss the events at the Commonwealth where the “trial” of Eugene goes as everyone thought it would with him sentenced to death, however did his speech before the sentence was passed inspire someone to help him?

Away from the Commonwealth but still under their control outpost 22 has to deal with an incursion from the ultimate strike team of Carol, Daryl, Connie and Maggie who infiltrate what was once their home in Alexandria just in time to help their friends survive an execution… we also discuss the frustration at Negan’s moment being spoiled by the fact he is getting a spin off and we all knew he was safe.

Finally we touch on the group with Aaron and how they seem to be magnets for these variant walkers and why is it after all these years of seeing none this group suddenly are running into them at every turn!

We hope that you all enjoy the show!

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