TWD S11 Ep17

Welcome back to “Walking Dead Wednesday” on our podcast as the final eight episodes are finally here. Today on our show we are discussing episode 17 of the 11th (and final) season.  We open the show with a theory as to why the show is ending and yet spins off, spin offs everywhere….

We then dive into what is an action packed opening to the final eight with lots of characters getting screen time and lots happening in various locations.  From Hornsby and his storm troopers vs Daryl, the redneck ninja of the Apocalypse … to the meeting of the minds as Negan sits down for a chat with Mercer and heads inside the Commonwealth to help save the kids.. yeah, they sent in Negan…

We enjoyed the episode and hope the full back eight keep this pacing and level of intrigue AND we hope that you enjoy our show!

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