The Mandalorian S2 Ep5

It’s here once again; Mando Monday!  We are talking about the latest episode of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian and it is a big one.  Season Two, Episode Five will go down as one of the very best.  The episode is called ‘The Jedi’ and we get to see someone who any fan of the animated universe will tell you, is no Jedi!!  Ahsoka!!

For fans of the extended universe this episode was everything.  A live action introduction of a fan favourite and also a continuation of those stories we all enjoyed but for anyone who is just a fan of this show it followed its normal format and it was excellent.  Mando lands, he gets into trouble with local bad guys, learns some information which directs him to his next stop and off he goes much like an old Samurai movie or Wester with the gunslinger.

We hope you enjoy our show this week as we attempt to discuss and break down as many of the key moments as we can into one podcast.

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