FTWD S7 Ep10

Welcome back to ‘Walking Dead Wednesday’ on our podcast where we are this week discussing episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead’s seventh season.  For anyone who listens last week was not an episode we enjoyed, it felt like after the initial eight of this season it was a real let down – not just due to the pacing but the actual story development / relevance.  So, this week, we had hoped for a return to some sort of form for the show but we were left terribly disappointed once again.

We are both men in our 30’s and so we do have to concede, much like the show TWD: World Beyond this episode was simply not aimed at us.  The teenage instant romance nonsense (forgetting it was a 15yr old boy and a 12yr old girl for a moment) just made this whole episode make very little sense.

We are keeping our fingers crossed next week gets back to the story this show was telling before the mid season break.

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